August 21, 2015

Parallels 11: A tale in upsetting your customers

khallmark @ 8:31 pm —

Update 8/27: Still can’t use my license to Parallels 11 Pro.

Parallels 11 (Pro) is a great product, but the licensing model sucks.

I’m a software developer, and I use Parallels for development. When I was making a purchase choice it was not clear at all the major differences between Pro and Standard. The biggest missing piece: the lack of command line support (for vagrant) in the standard version.

Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t have an issue with yearly licensed software if it’s affordable, but I’d prefer to get a license in perpetuity. I bought the standard version thinking it would be functionally the same as the Parallels I’ve been using since version 1. It’s not. They removed the command line support from the standard version. The vagrant parallels plugin is not compatible.

So I sit on support chat for about 45 minutes, to get my license upgraded to pro. They can’t do it, so they issue a refund. I go ahead and buy pro today, and test it on my work laptop (I wanted to make sure vagrant worked). It works.

I uninstall, get home, and attempt to install it on my personal machine. It doesn’t activate. I sit in chat support again for 45 minutes trying to get my license fixed. They can’t fix it. I have to wait several days. They suggest using the Pro trial. I can’t do that becauseĀ I can’t remove the license that’s already attached to it (that’s now been revoked?).

I try to downgrade to Parallels 10. It’s unactivated and it won’t activate. It was previously installed and active on this machine. Overall it’s a mess.

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